Thursday, April 4, 2013

Federal Police Helicopter Intercepts a Convoy Killing 10 Knights of Templar in Michoacan


Terror of Tierra Caliente Continues with hardly a whisper

April 1, Mexi Rojo reports something went unnoticed on Wednesday, March 27 and no media reported it other than an occasional tabloid report nor were there any citizen notices until now:

In Apatzingan limits and Buenavista, Tomatlán a convoy consisting of approximately 30 VANS was confronted by an Armed Forces (Federal) helicopter killing at least 10 Caballeros Templarios,  the exact number is unknown. Residents of the region confirmed it was Kiki's Plancarte's people carrying millions of dollars which was the reason for the magnitude of the convoy.

The clash started between 5:30 and 6:00 pm last Wednesday in the Buenavista area of the state of Michoacán . From the air Federal Police located the 30-vehicle convoy pursued them for almost an hour and finally responded to fire coming from land.
Government sources revealed a Federal Police helicopter was involved in this confrontation. From the air also observed several of their opponents carrying away accomplices who were badly injured or dead.

Communal authorities have confirmed at least 10 were killed, but whether the facts were made known to the Attorney General of Michoacán is not known.

From March 22, there have been three clashes between elements of the federal police and hitmen of organized crime in the town of Buenavista, a plaza head died last Friday
On 26 March, in the same Tierra Caliente area of Michoacán there was another confrontation between federal police and gunmen, killing one officer injured and three criminals died..

According to police around 5:30 am on Tuesday, gunmen and federal police fought each other on roads, exchanging gunfire in the towns of Pinzándaro and La Huina, the scuffle lasted just over an hour.

During the shooting the Federal Police managed to shoot down three gunmen in the service of organized crime.

Buenavista, Buenavista,Tomatlán and Apatzingan are considered red zones by the Ministry of Public Security because of their high crime rate due to organized crime group and civil guards.

On the occasion of Easter, 1,700 members of the Federal Police moved in 400 patrols in the Michoacan territory as part of the operation to keep the holidays safe each year.

The Samana Santa vigilance operation started March 23 and is scheduled to end on April 6 carried out by citizen aid program.