Monday, April 1, 2013

Another El Chapito Detained


TIJUANA BC (AFN). - A man identified as "el Chapito" from the state of Sinaloa, fell into the hands of the authorities, following actions taken Thursday in Tijuana.

According to information obtained by AFN,  the individual captured by special groups under the command of the Secretary of Public Security of the city, Jesus Alberto Capella, also known Miguel Ángel Ibarra Fabela. He also used the identity of Marlon López Fabela.

Miguel Angel Ibarra Fabela, 42, known by the alias of "EL Chapito" from the state of Sinaloa. He was arrested  Thursday in Tijuana in possession of a package containing a kilo of marijuana when he was observed with a woman in a 1999 Ford Explorer with California plates 4JJF535 parked the wrong way on a street in the district of La Presa.

The officers saw the driver get out of the vehicle with a black plastic bag, so they got out of the patrol and proceeded to intercept the person person carrying a black package who identified himself as Marlon Lopez Fabela, 39, a native of Culiacan, Sinaloa .

The woman with him, identified as Isi Analy Soto Osorio 25, originally from Obrego, Sonora, said she "just was accompanying her boyfriend to see a friend known only as 'Tavo."

El Chapito, allegedly, "operates" for another individual who is "key" to the Sinaloa criminal organization and so far has not been mentioned publicly. He is said to be responsible for several crimes in Tijuana in particular what occurred on March 9 at Sixth Street bar to a 25 year old. He is associated with the recent seizure of at least 84 kilos of "meth", where six criminals were arrested with six firearms, ammunition and radio equipment,  from whom, at that time  Marlon Lopez Fabela escaped. 

"El Chapito" is a known drug trafficker and coodinated a group of narcomenudistas. El Chapito is thought to be responsible for several killings, among others, the one that occured on March 9 in a popular bar on the Sixth Street in this city, where Ismael Valle 25 was executed.

Early research suggests that "el Chapito" worked under the command of a subject nicknamed "Julian" who was responsible for ordering the attack on the bar on the 9 March  "La Ruta de la six" located on Sixth Street, in downtown Tijuana.

Ismael Tapia Vallewas a young man who recently graduated from college. His family owned  bar on Sixth Street in Tijuana. He was in the band "Instinto Animal" which regularly performed at the bar. Since January, Tapia Valle spent much time with his family, opening the bar on making it a presentable venue for local band to perform..

Authorities and relatives of Ismael Valle assume that it was a mistake that cost him his life.The state prosecutor's office said that the motive for the murderers was a fight between drug dealers.
El Chapito is also linked to the seizure of at least 84 kilos of Meth, recorded last weekend, where six people were arrested, with equal numbers of weapons and almost 160 rounds of various calibers, and radio equipment. 

In this action recorded in Villas del Campo, in La Presa where apparently last weekend "El Chapito", was said to have escaped from themuntil he was captured yesterday on March 28th. 

El Chapito, and  the six arrested last weekend declared that they "operate "for an individual identified only as "Atlantis" or "Atlante," who by some accounts, has a prominent role in the drug trafficking business that is recorded here.

Following the arrest of "The Chapito", it was speculated that it might be a son of Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias "El Chapo", who shares the same nickname, like Octavio Leal Hernández, successor Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, in the Fernando Sanchez Arellano organization.The individual arrested today, is known to have operated in Tecate and particularly in areas of Valle de las Palmas and Villas del Campo, in Tijuana.