Saturday, April 13, 2013

Captured 13 Knights Templar in Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo

Early Friday morning on Highway Atitalaquia Apaxco, Texas community in Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo, State Police detained 13 people suspected of belonging to the criminal group 'The Knights Templar.' 

According to the secretary of Public Security, Alfredo Ahedo, the arrest was achieved after a chasing the suspects who were traveling in three vans. Soon supported by the municipal police Tepeji River, criminals were rounded up and subsequently detained before being transferred to the city of Pachuca, while being closely monitored by the Mexican Army. 

The suspects, 12 men and one woman, mostly originating in the Federal District and the State of Mexico were made ​​available to the Federal Public Ministry. Additionally they seized three trucks and rifles.

Another version:

The Secretary of Public Safety Hidalgo, Alfredo Mayorga Ahedo confirmed the arrest of 13 alleged members of the criminal group "The Knights Templar", who had been operating in Tepeji del Rio, Hildago. Thursday night elements of the Security and Investigation Agency Group of Tepeji del Rio, managed the arrest of 13 people on  Atitalaquia - Apaxco,  crossing to the town of Texas. Detainees were traveling in three vehicles, a white Camaro and two trucks-a light green pick-up and black pick-up. Both trucks were speeding. They ignored the official warning lights by authorities and continued accelerating. More units from the state of Mexico joined the chase. Two kilometers further on, police forced them to stop but they were subjected to verbal threats and intimidation from the criminals. They said, "we're "Knights Templar", threatened to kill them. Then the police proceeded to arrest them.

They are identified as:

Gabriel Ruiz Vazquez 31, con domicilio en calle cerrada 5 de Mayo, colonia centro Chalco Estado de México

Leopoldo Sánchez Torres 45  calle niños héroes numero 5, colonia Juárez,  Apaxco Estado de México,

Marcelino Anaya Luna 36 , calle 1, numero 36,Estado de México,  Netzahualcóyotl Estado de México,

Juan Pablo Rojo Orozco 34, con domicilio en calle Bugambilias número 9, manzana 173,  Chalco Estado de México

Enrique López Ibarra 41, calle pino numero 21, Lomas de Zaragoza, delegación Iztapalapa, Distrito Federal

Gustavo Delgado Alvarado 32, avenida Industrial s/n, colonia la Estación municipio de Apaxco Estado de México

German Morales Ortiz 37 años  calle Acapulco s/n, el tablón, municipio de Atitalaquia Estado de Hidalgo

Luis Enrique Cruz Rodríguez,19, calle Emiliano Zapata numero 6, colonia centro, municipio de Apaxco Estado de México

Fermín Ángeles Ramírez,48,  calle articulo Miguel Hidalgo numero 2, colonia el Refugio, Atitalaquia Estado de Hidalgo

Gil Alfredo Martínez Salvador 45, avenida Cuauhtémoc s/n, colonia Pueblo Nuevo, Tequixquiac Estado de México

Víctor Elizalde Márquez 23, Avenida Juárez sin número, colonia Loma Bonita, Apaxco Estado de México

Nicolás Cano Álvarez 45,  calle Aquiles Serdán numero 34, colonia Loma Bonita, Apaxco Estado de Mexica

Natalia Mendoza González, 27  calle Francisco I. Madero numero 30, colonia centro Apaxco Estado de México.