Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zetas Money Washed at JP Morgan Chase

Zetas used JP Morgan to Buy Horses

Mexico City (13 December 2012). - The cartel Los Zetas used bank accounts in the largest cities in theU.S. to transfer funds used in the purchase of racehorses. The Justice Department filed charges Dec. 4 against four additional accomplices of the Treviño Morales brothers , alleged leaders of Los Zetas cartel who were part of the process started last June by the money laundering operation by acquiring horses. Two of the new defendants are Jovan Erick Lozano Díaz, "El Chucho" financial operator of the Zetas arrested Nuevo Laredo in June, and Gerardo Garza Quintero, who in March and April 2012 used an account opened by the latter at the bank JP Morgan Chase to transfer $ 600,000 from Mexico. 

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is the largest U.S. bank , with assets estimated at 2 trillion 290 billion dollars. 448 606 298 The account was opened  at JP Morgan by Gerardo Garza Quintero on the March 2, 2012, and immediately received $ 250,000 from Integra Logistics Customs, a front company controlled by Lozano Díaz, who was designated by the Navy as the manager od laundering funds obtained by Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, El Z-40. late April, $ 400,000 was deposited in the same account, including 90,000 in cash and 213,000 transferred by Lozano Díaz's wife. Upon receipt of funds, Garza issued company checks to Tremor Enterprises LLC, a facade of Treviño Morales' in America. In these documents, Garza said that money was for the purchase of the horses Fly Corona, and Feature Honor. 

The indictment was filed in the Western District Court of Texas in Austin, does not clarify the occupation of Garza Quintero but his name matches that of a broker in Nuevo Laredo, who operated in the patent office since 1994, and who died at age 51 in Laredo, Texas on July 31.  

More accounts JP Morgan was not the only bank used for this operation. In the original indictment, filed in June, securing twelve detailed accounts in the United States by Los Zetas front companies, including six in five Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which are the second and fourth largest financial institutions there. The new indictment against Los Zetas also includes Alexandra Garcia Treviño, daughter of Joseph Treviño Morales, brother of Miguel Angel and Oklahoma ranch owner where they were secured. In June nearly 400 horses and Jesus Maldonado Huitrón, a trainer of Quarter Horses arrested Dec. 10 in Austin. Altogether, 19 people are on trial in this case, although the two most important, Michelangelo and Omar Trevino Morales, remain at large, while the ten detainees-some out on bail-including his brother Joseph, his wife Zuleima, Veracruz businessman Francisco Colorado Cessa  and Carlos Miguel Nayen Borbolla.