Friday, December 28, 2012

Police Chief Killed in Saltillo


Saltillo. - The commander of the South Delegation of the Municipal Police, César García Guevara, died in the line of duty in the early hours of Friday after being shot by a group of armed men in neighborhood Buenos Aires.

It was reported that at 01:00 hours, while on duty in his official patrol car, a Chevrolet Captiva  no.11,208, the chief was attacked and killed by unknown gunmen at the intersection of Division and Rios in the southern sector of the city. 

As a result of the shooting, the officer lost control of the police vehicle and impacted over the back of a parked Ford Model 79 truck.

That the officer was shot in the head and the body with various firearm projectiles in what  appeared to the naked eye to be the  same that took his life instantly.

The Chief of Police of Saltillo, Yáñez Clemente Carrillo confirmed to Radio Zócalo the assassination of Caesar Eleazar Garcia Guevara commander, 39 years old, who early Friday was riddled with 12 shots from a high caliber weapon.

It was reported at 12:38 pm, when a witness at the scene took the dead commander's radio and used it to notify the base of his death. Immediately police moved to the scene at Division Street and Rios in neighborhood Buenos Aires where Guevara Garcia found dead aboard his Chevrolet Captiva patrol car. 
According to the witness, the commander was hit by shots from persons in a gray Dodge car who shot first into the back of the commander's vehicle, which swerved to the right and hit a parked truck and was dead instantly there," said the official.

Yanez Carrillo called the fallen Commander as an honest cop, courageous, with a very great future vocation with law enforcement. He had 13 years of service within the corporation. The fallen commander is survived by his parents, his wife and two small children.

Press Chief Confirms the criminal act against the municipal police 
Press Chief Confirms the criminal act against the municipal police 

In the morning broadcast of Radio Zócalo Saltillo, the CP Francisco Juaristi contacted the press chief of the municipal police, Patricia Moreno, confirming the fact and location where the commander of the South Delegation, Cesar Garcia Guevara, was killed.

Moreno explained that around 1:30 pm on División del Norte, in the neighborhood of  Buenos Aires, while on a routine neighborhood surveillance, the police vehicle was violently attacked. Garcia Guevara was traveling alone and died in his patrol vehicle.
For now, they haven't ascertained the identity or number of armed individuals who assaulted the officer. As of yet they have no details on the size of the bullets that took the life of the commander, except
according to the authorities of the fourth group of Homicide Attorney General of the State, on the scene found shell casings of high caliber. The investigations are proceeding.

Patricia Moreno said Cesar Garcia Guevara had risen through the ranks of officers to become a commander of  the Southern Command Delegation indicated  he was the one who had previously personally informed  families of the unfortunate officers slain on duty to fact that the funerals would have to be held privately for security reasons as well as for the tranquility of the bereaved.

They have had at least Five Chiefs of Police killed in Saltillo

The Chief of Police in Saltillo Yáñez Clemente Carrillo recounted fallen cops along the year and said more than five, including Commander Marcial Barron, Captain Ignacio Meza, the official Reyna Barajas Munguia, Elisa Ugalde Maribel Torres and the latter, Commander Eleazar Garcia Cesar Guevara.

Of the violent acts  the prosecutor of Common Law, Rafael Martinez de la Rosa verified and ordered the the removal of the body and arranged transportation to the Medical Examiner for the autopsy.

Source: Zocolo,