Friday, December 28, 2012

Los Zetas Cell killed 17 people, incinerating them at two ranches


MONTERREY - The Attorney General of the entity (PGJE) introduced a cell of Los Zetas involved in the killing of 22 people 12 men and 10 women, 17 of which were incinerated in two ranches located in the north.

Domene Jorge Zambrano, a spokesman for Public Safety, said that one of the ranch is named "La Barbie" and the other is in San Martin Dam, 220 kilometers from the capital, in the north end of Nuevo Leon.
Domene reported that two of the detainees, who were already caught, did job of killing. This is Jesus Mendoza Guadalupe Frias  aka Jesus Frias Alejandro Lozano, El Lupin , El Gordo , El Cochiloco or La Vaca , 19, and Mario Vazquez Ramirez,Chester , 20, who received 6000 pesos per fortnight.

The other three arrested were operating as halcones. They are: Carlos Arturo Escalante Bazaldua, El Anahuac or El Arturin , 26; Ezaú Alejandro Olvera Saldaña, El Tao , 29, and Francisco Javier Sánchez Robles, Chacho , 32.

At the time of arrest, the head of "hawks", identified with the nickname of Eru, managed to flee.

According Domene, the crimes committed by the Zetas were conducted between April and August this year, and its victims were residents of Anahuac. Some were eliminated by selling drugs and other rival groups for snitches.

The PGJE also involves them in car theft at gunpoint against at least four drivers circulating in the municipality border with Texas.

In total, the cell has four formal complaints.