Sunday, December 1, 2013

Los Zeta's Plaza Boss "El Ruso" in Saltillo Captured

Saltillo, Coahuila - Nov. 21- Reaction Group Elements Metropolitan Operations Saltillo (GROMS) arrested four suspects, including Jorge Uvaldo del Fierro Varela alias " El Ruso", alleged plaza boss for the criminal group Los Zetas in Saltillo.

The State Security Commission reported that the arrest was made on Thursday in Teresitas neighborhood, south of the city, when subjects  were traveling in a white Journey van  MMT-5493 
plates from Mexico State .

Detainees are Jorge Uvaldo del Fierro Varela, Thalía del Rosario Martinez Monsiváis, Joaquín Avila Edgardo Ramírez, Héctor Medina  Menchaca .

GROMS elements ensured a AR-15 rifle, four magazines supplied a nine millimeter handgun with accompanied charger and a M-6 hand Granade 

They were also apparently secured four thousand doses of cocaine, 5, 500 envelopes of suspected marijuana on two of these were the same or  equivalent to eight kilos and nine kilos, respectively, and 92,000 pesos in cash.

The State Security Commission called on the community if you recognize any of these suspects can report anonymously to mobile 23-16-977 089.

Source: Provincia, Proceso