Tuesday, November 12, 2013

‘El Grande’ captured in Coyoacán presumed implicated in Black Bar Case


The Attorney General of the DF explained that Jesus Vega Abdiel Lemus, alias El Grande, thought to be connected to the kidnappings of the Tepito youths is now only involved in the killing of a suspected drug dealer in the bar Black.

The judicial authorities said that Lemus  Vega was arrested on Monday by the Federal Police, participated only in the execution of Angel Horacio Vite, a member of the Union.

Angel Vite's murder led to the kidnapping and murder of 13 young people from the bar Heaven, many of them originating in the Tepito neighborhood, on May 26.

Therefore, the Federal Police determined surrender himat 3:30 pm yesterday to the Public Prosecutor, where he investigates the murder of drug dealer.

At the same time, the PGJDF established that El Grande is not related to the execution of youths found in a clandestine grave in Tlalmanalco, State of Mexico.

On Monday night, Vega Lemus was arrested by the Federal Police when he was passing  the corner of Area 3 East and Rancho Santa Anita, in the Santa Cecilia in Coyoacán.

El Grande was holding a grenade and a gun, authorities had established that a warrant drawn by the MP location.

Jesus Lemus Vega apparently was part of the criminal organization The Union de Tepito and thus investigate their direct involvement with the crime of Angel Vite.

Sources:  MilenioMilenio, Tlalpan