Sunday, September 1, 2013

Avenger of raped women in Ciudad Juarez!

Diana the Huntress of Bus Drivers
CHIHUAHUA, Chih. - In an email sent on Friday to an information portal of Ciudad Juarez, an alleged assassin who is taking revenge against public transport drivers because she and other women have experienced sexual violence.

Diana la cazadora de choferes (Diana the Huntress of drivers), as she calls herself, complained that bus drivers have outraged various maquiladora employees who work the night shift after they board buses to travel to their homes after work.

She warns that she will avenge the victims because the authorities do nothing to protect workers: "They think because we are women, we  are weak and  yes, we can be, but only up to a point, although we have no one that we can can count on to defend us and we need to work late into the night to support our families. We can not keep silent about these acts of violence that fill us with rage ... " says the email sent to the news portal.

According to reports from the authorities, on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29, two public bus drivers were murdered in Juarez by a woman.

In the first case, a blond woman, dressed in black, shot and killed  a public bus driver.

The murder occurred at 7:45 am in the Partido Romero neighborhood when the attacker stopped the bus on Ignacio de la Peña Street.
The driver, identified as Roberto Flores Carrera, 45, stood up and opened the door for the woman. As she was boarding the bus, she drew a pistol and shot him in the head in  front of the passengers.

In the second case, a person with the same characteristics as the person involved in the previous incident, boarded the bus and killed Freddy Zarate, also 45, as he was driving by the front of the campus of Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. Both victims had several years of experience as public transport drivers.

The Attorney General's Office reported that so far they have no clues about the murders.

The email of Diana the Huntress of bus drivers added: "My colleagues and I suffered in silence but we can not be silent anymore, we were victims of sexual violence by drivers covering the night shifts of the factories here in Juárez and although many people know what we suffer, nobody does anything to defend or protect us. so I'm an instrument to avenge several women who may have seemed weak by society, but we're really brave and they do not respect us, and will not give us respect until we take it into our own hands, Juarez women are strong.

In both cases, witnesses reported that the murders were done by a woman about 50 years old, brown hair and dyed blonde, with a scarf or cap, wearing blue jeans and black shirt.

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