Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NL Pollice Chief is "Comandante Sapo," Los Zetas' Cell Leader Detained with 7 Others

Monterrey. - The police chief of Aramberri was captured by State Highway Patrol suspected with links to Los Zetas.  They discovered he was combining jobs. As well as being a Los Zetas cell leader operating in the south of the state, Jose Enrique Gallegos Liñán, 30, was first commander of the Municipal Police of Aramberri in Nuevo Leon.

Jose Enrique Gallegos Liñán was arrested with Aramberri's second commander Jorge Elias Chavez Medrano, 32, and the commander of Doctor Arroyo Police, Esteban García Fuente, 30.

José Enrique Gallegos Liñán, as leader of Los Zetas, was identified as "Comandante Sapo" or "Commander Toad"   

It  was said besides being the Chief of Police in  the community of Aramberri, "Comadante Sapo" was leader of Los Zetas in the municipalities of la Ascension as well as in Doctor Arroyo and supposedly in Galeana too.   
The three police officials were arrested today in Doctor Arroyo, along with five youths in  Matehuala and San Luis Potosi, identified as hitmen. The detainees names are Edgar Vazquez Morales, 22, Martin Garcia Martinez of 21, Cesar Espinoza Torres, 23, Jose Francisco Alvarez Rodriguez, 18, and Jose Eduardo Rodríguez López, a minor less than 17. 

Others captured are Esteban García Puente, "La Chiva," 30 active police in Doctor Arroyo; César Espinoza Torres, "Palillo," 23 years as well as Jorge Elías Chávez Medrano, 32 years and an Aramberri active police officer.

A police source said that the detainees were secured with seven AK-47 known as goat horn, 30 magazines and about 100 rounds for firearms. 

The informant said that the detainees were caught in a Volkswagen Bora reported as stolen and a Nissan pickup that had hanging plates. Apparently the armed group went to Doctor Arroyo looking for drug dealers from a rival group to execute.. 
The State Highway Patrol, in response to anonymous calls, went to track them down until they were captured. 

Detainees are being investigated in relation to executions and other crimes committed in the south part of the state of Nuevo Leon..
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